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Glide Agency propels Perth’s New Matagarup Zip+Climb into a flying start

Anticipating high pre-Christmas demand for new WA-based experiences, the team at Zip+Climb engaged Perth’s own Glide Agency in an effort to push online bookings prior to the long awaited summer opening, one that was met with much adoration.

Launching a wide-reaching social media strategy in December 2021, the project has seen thousands of stay-at-home tourists turned into thrillseekers in just a few short months since cutting the ribbon.

Pairing content-heavy digital strategy with a galvanized local market has propelled Zip+Climb off to a fantastic start since launch. With digital returns alone surpassing 25x to date, the project’s success offers a necessary reminder of the opportunities we may find in our own backyard.

Photo Credit: City of Perth


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