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Glide’s Sunset Soirée: Welcome to Saint Tropez

Glide: the Digital ROI Agency held another Sunset Soirée on the last Friday of Summer, as part of a series of events designed to bring together creative, marketing and business professionals in a relaxed and fun setting. The goal? To get to know each other better, expand networks and create new, meaningful relationships.

White Party on the rooftop.

As international travels are on hold, we brought a bit of the French Riviera to Perth city, with a rooftop party that had nothing to envy the somewhat outrageous “white parties” from Saint Tropez. With just over one hundred attendees gathering around a Mediterranean feast – for the taste buds and for the eyes – featuring the new-to-Australia French aperitif Pampelle, conversations flowed, smiles were shared, and some memorables moments were snapped.

Special guests provided mesmerizing entertainment

Although Glide is all about digital, we are very much aware that technology can’t replace human interactions, and having such soirées is our way to contribute to the Perth business community and create genuine opportunities to meet and connect, not only as businesses but with the individuals who make them. Behind everything we do at Glide is the strong vision to support our clients achieve their goals, and we believe that can only be done by knowing and caring about each other.

Nelly Reffet of Glide Agency and Geraldine Rey of Suzette Collective.

It was an absolute pleasure for the Glide team to host the festivities and to watch people we know mingle and laugh, dance like no one was TikToking, sometimes run away from reptiles, openly talk about themselves, and simply jump together at the opportunity to experience something a little different.
We are very grateful for our amazing network – so much so that we’re already plotting our next Sunset Soirée!  We’re looking forward to seeing you there.


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