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Tiller Rides

Raised over $1 Million for their equity crowdfunding campaign with a $20,000 budget.


Tiller Rides is a Perth-based post-revenue start-up specialising in beautifully designed, environmentally friendly electric bikes, integrating the latest technology to revolutionise urban riding by encouraging the switch to green transport.

“The electric bike movement is growing – better for people & the planet.”

Tiller Rides recently completed an equity crowdfunding campaign on Birchal, an equity crowdfunding platform which gives investors the opportunity to connect with brands, and invest in ideas they love.

I searched endlessly for the perfect urban bicycle. When I found something beautiful, the functionality had been lost; if it was highly functional, it gave little consideration to aesthetics. Wondering if it was me, or a wider problem, I began asking other urban riders if they had the same issues - and they did. It was time to create the electric bike we wanted and needed.

Tiller Rides founder Julian Ilich

From vision to production: first steps of the equity crowdfunding journey

Tiller Rides came to Glide at a critical stage for a start-up: post-revenue, pre-production, and needing to raise capital to enter production and take Tiller Rides to the next level. With bikes already sold on pre-order, they had proof that this was an in-demand product, and aimed to raise $1.3 million to get the Roadster into mass production – and to do that, they needed a marketing campaign for equity crowdfunding that would turn interest into investment.

From EOI to Conversion

The campaign was aligned with Birchal’s two investment phases. Firstly, an Expression of Interest (EOI) stage running for up to a month, with a set deadline; potential investors submit an EOI before the deadline. The next stage involves converting these qualified leads into actual investors by building awareness of the business and investment opportunity.

From copywriting to A/B testing and optimisation, Glide implemented a highly successful equity crowdfunding campaign via Facebook and Linkedin, driving EOIs and remarketing to convert into investment.

Rather than traditional paid advertising on LinkedIn, we used an outreach strategy, identifying members fitting ideal personas such as angel investors. We reached out to hundreds of new connections with tailored messages introducing the company, its products and the opportunity – getting the conversation started so that Tiller Rides could close the deal.

Capital raised

With a $15,000 marketings spend.

The End Result

We’re delighted that Tiller Rides’ equity crowdfunding campaign on Birchal was able to reach $1.067 million, with a marketing spend of only $15,000 on the campaign with Glide Agency.

“It’s been very exciting to be part of Tiller Rides’ journey towards more sustainable travel, and we’re glad to have been along for the ride.”

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