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Social media is an everchanging landscape, with changes to platforms, interfaces, algorithms and people’s usage habits frequently meaning that what may have worked well for you before is falling flat now. Keeping your social media marketing efforts running smoothly means staying abreast of the latest trends, thinking strategically and having the knowledge and skills

Thinking of transforming your business experience using AR or VR?With virtual reality supposedly becoming the next big thing, it seems to be that augmented reality may become more popular because businesses are already starting to implement this into their digital marketing strategies. For example, IKEA, now has an app called IKEA Place app which

Mobile optimisation is not a new term in the digital marketing industry. Marketers use the term "mobile optimisation" to describe the process of making a desktop website user-friendly on mobile devices. But what's becoming increasingly important over mobile-friendly websites, is consumer's preference to use apps over browsers. The numbers suggest that it's a landslide

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