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Nowadays, marketing strategies for most businesses follow a pretty standard pattern. The days of print are well behind us, TV advertisements are largely unobtainable, and businesses are left with only a few affordable options.The reliance on platforms like Facebook & Google exists due to the simple fact that they’re actively used by an incredible

Jargon. Everyone’s experienced it. The pain of staring blankly at someone while they spew out an endless babble of technical terms, nodding politely and wondering when you’ll be allowed to leave – it’s a mission to say the least.But regardless, jargon isn't going anywhere, because while it might not seem like it, it does

To anyone unfamiliar with the in-depth, behind-the-scenes structure of Facebook ad campaigns, the difference between a fully-fledged FB ad and a simple boosted post can quite easily go over your head.In many cases, understanding the difference doesn’t necessarily matter, but if you run a business or page and want to really get the most

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