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We help E-commerce retailers establish a direct  ROI  from their digital advertising spend.

How are your online sales?

It’s a simple question, but an important one. 

Maybe you’ve got great products, but have been struggling to find the right customers. Maybe your website looks fantastic, but just isn’t able to close the deal. Or maybe you’ve been advertising and generating sales, but you’re still not making more than you’re spending. 

Whatever the case is, we’ve seen it before – and we’re here to help.

Find Your Customers

With more people than ever choosing to order online, there’s so many opportunities for you to find your ideal customers within the digital space.

Whether you sell clothes, books, food and beverages, electronics, tools, or any other type of product, someone is online right now searching for them, and ready to buy.

With Google Search & Shopping Ads, you can place your brand and products front and centre exactly when someone is looking, sending them straight to your site to make a purchase then and there. And with Facebook & Instagram Ads, you can leverage your product photography to catch people’s attention and get them to your online store, generating sales by directly reaching your ideal target audience.

Of course, no ad is created equal – we’ll craft compelling ad copy around what makes your product or brand amazing, whether that’s high quality, great price, ease of use, great design, free shipping or all of the above!

Better yet, digital advertising gives us the tools we need to ensure that the money you’re investing in advertising is generating a strong Return On Ad Spend – that is, for every $1 that you spend, you’re making more in revenue. You’re focused on sales, not clicks – and so are we.


$58k of revenue in 24 hours

Selling higher-priced products can be a tricky endeavour.

With consumers more price sensitive than ever and always on the lookout for cheaper alternatives, convincing buyers to purchase more expensive items requires a bit more time and effort – but when done right, the payoff is well worth it.

In the case of Camera Electronics, they’ve used their time wisely to do just that.

Midway through 2021, Camera Electronic approached us with the motivation to make a larger shift towards eCommerce and online sales. With the popularity of online shopping in Australia still growing at an incredible rate, it made perfect sense for them to start ramping things up in the digital sphere.

With a strong reputation behind them and their 50th Birthday Celebration approaching, it was the perfect opportunity to kick things off, with their upcoming 24 Hour Sale being the focus of our initial set of campaigns.

Over the space of just 24 hours we turned a modest $1250 budget into a staggering $58,500 in revenue – a return of 47x, and by far one of the most successful campaigns we’ve run in 2021.

Working with E-Commerce brands

Glide has worked with E-Commerce clients across many industries.


13.5x ROAS with Google Ads

French Sweet’s Google Search campaigns saw exponential growth year on year, almost tripling the ROAS after the first year and almost doubling again after the second, leading to a ROAS of 13.54x in a single month.

With our campaigns boosting performance on the site, French Sweet was able to hit their target of doubling their overall site revenue by May 2019, and have since grown to consistently generating over $100k in a given month. 

While Google Search is most often thought of as a lead generation platform, it’s strong ecommerce potential is often overlooked by most businesses. If you have an online store and a product range that has a strong market fit, make sure you leverage Google Search ads – it just might be the missing ingredient in your marketing mix.

It's About The Journey

We understand that the right digital ads are hugely important, but it’s only part of the customer journey.

If your website isn’t set up correctly, you could be missing out on a significant number of sales every day – and that’s not good for business. If your site is hard to navigate, lacks good photography, is slow to use or even has a lengthy check out process, these are all issues that need to be addressed as a priority. 

Our website team can provide a comprehensive audit of your website to identify key issues that are negatively impacting your customer journey, and even provide a quote to action this work for you.

Sarah Muscedere

Edible Earth

Es and his team at Glide have helped my business with my digital advertising needs over the past 4 months, and have been an absolute pleasure to work with, knowledgeable, friendly, professional and very reliable. They have helped to educate me through alot of the lingo and terms I found difficult to understand and and am super grateful for all their time and help, highly recommend! Thank you!


Alecia Kidman

Kidman Conveyancing

Glide Agency are a great team of people who have helped my business immensely. They are very clear when communicating with me and come up with ideas which relate to my business well. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to other people I know who need the services of an experienced marketing agency.


Christian Prokscha

Eden Towers

Mike, Will, and Es provided us the confidence from the first time we met them and they also delivered above and beyond during our engagement. Having direct 24×7 access to the team and the ability to shift/pivot as results come in was exceptional.


Raise your Sales

If you’ve been struggling with your online sales or your current advertising just isn’t cutting it, then let’s chat.

We’ll be able to craft an ecommerce marketing strategy that’s specific to your business and product range, and within your budget too. Not only that, but we’ll provide you with your own campaign dashboard so you’re able to see your campaign and website results in real time – you’ll have full transparency and see exactly what we do.

WA Owned & Operated

Glide was founded in 2007 as a two-man operation and since then we have grown but always stayed local.

Data Driven

Glide follows a data driven approach when making decisions in strategy and planning. A data driven culture calls for an agnostic approach, and to be flexible in order to achieve better outcomes.

Build for Speed

Glide removes the complex layers that exist within the traditional agency model with a seamless output that strives for speed and agility.


Glide is always looking for ways to provide better solutions, engineering new strategies that are cutting edge and produce the most desirable results.

Find out how we can help

Get in touch with us today, and take your ecommerce business to the next level.

E-Commerce Case Studies

Glide has worked with a variety of E-Commerce clients across many industries. Read our case studies below to see how we used digital marketing to grow revenue.

Black Swan State Theatre achieved a digital marketing return of 730%.

French Sweet leveraged Google Ads to generate 13.5x ROAS.

Vornado’s seasonal campaigns have generated over $160k in revenue to date.

Camera Electronic raised over $58k in revenue in just 24 hours.

Perth Zoo reached a 23x ROAS in 12 months.

Pan Pacific Perth hotel generated a ROAS of 11x.

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