Bring your customer database back to life.

Generate & Nurture Leads with Marketing Automation

Generic Email Marketing Data

Email blasts with no after-the click tracking. A half-full picture with email reports and a database you have to manually segment. Keeping track of where your leads are at sounds like a lot effort if you ask us!

Before / After

Customer Centric Data

A report that shows more than numbers. Send your prospects the information they need and look at their life of the lead to see how they behave after-the click to target them better. Time to increase those conversion rates!

No Matter What

Start Winning with Marketing Automation

Not sure how to get more leads to your website or how many of your leads actually come back? Having a hard time getting through to potential customers? Not sure if your campaigns are worth the time and effort?

Marketing Automation is here to help. Take action at the right time to increase your conversions. Easily track the return on your investment for each campaign. Finally, understand better where to spend your marketing budget to increase the number of leads without increasing your spending.

Generate & Nurture Leads
  • Identify anonymous visitors with the Visitor ID
  • Capture relevant information with forms
  • Optimise your email campaigns with tailored and personalised content
  • Use personas to gain more insights
  • Track your social media posts
Drive Sales & Measure ROI
  • Set Lead Scoring to know when your leads get hot
  • Understand your leads’ interests through behaviour tracking
  • Enable your team to stay on top of their game with sales notification
  • Create a pipeline that represent your specific needs
  • Take advantage of comprehensive campaign analytics

Have noticed an increase number of leads


MA users outgrowing the competition


Believe MA is important to the success of their marketing


Top Performing Companies that use MA


Have noted an increase in conversions


It’s time you get ahead of the competition

Take advantage of the full power of marketing Automation. Don’t stay behind the pack. Not completely sold yet? Register for our free webinar. No cost, no risks, plus you will learn some of the best kept secrets about Marketing Automation.

Marketing Automation is what you need to take your business to the next level and increase your efficiency. Don’t trust us, trust the numbers.



Time is money. So invest in what works.

Lead Scoring

Lead Scoring

A simple strategy to boost your sales



The feature that will save you so much time, you won't know what to do with it



Segment to better strike!

Dynamic Emails

Dynamic Emails

Generate the perfect email for each user

And why SharpSpring?

Improve your productivity and decrease your costs

One word: bargain. SharpSpring is only a fraction of the cost of the competition such as Hubspot, Infusionsoft, or Marketo.
A wide range of tools

SharpSpring offers all the tools you need to deliver and prove a significant return on investment. From segmentation to reporting, lead generation has never been so easy!

Make SharpSpring at your image. Change the colours of the platform and create unlimited amount of fields that are unique to your business and your needs.
User friendly

No extra fluff, just the good stuff. From the help videos displayed on each page to the help library with articles on all of SharpSpring’s features, you will become a marketing automation expert in no time.

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