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It’s Where Your Customers Hang Out

13 Million Australians use Facebook each month, spending more than 2 hours per day browsing the social media network. Is it the place to position your product in the place they hang out the most.

Personalise your message with Facebook’s vast range of advertising creatives from videos, carousel ads, canvas ads and much more!

Not only will your ads be seen on the Facebook news feed but also Instagram, messenger, Whatsapp, Facebook’s audience network, marketplace and several others.

We Find The People That Matter To You

Our team are constantly learning and mastering the techniques that are performing the best on Facebook right now! With constant algorithm changes on the platform, there’s no room for a ‘set and forget’ mentality here.

At Glide, we maximise every dollar of your advertising budget by creating highly targeted ads to find the customers that matter to you the most, without wasting money on ‘never evers’.

By using robust retargeting methods, we can hit the people who are ready to part with their hard earned cash with you to maximise your ROI.

Manage Multiple Channels

Not only does Facebook allow you advertise on its own newsfeed, the social media giant makes use of its ownership of Instagram and Whatsapp placements to deliver the ads to the right people at the right time.

Your ad can be customised for placements such as Facebook marketplace, Instagram stories, on ‘audience network’ affiliated websites, in-stream videos and much more!

Know Exactly Where Your Money Is Going

Ever taken an ad out in a newspaper or bought space on a huge billboard and had no idea how that impacted your business?

With Facebook’s advanced reporting tools, you can see exactly where the clicks, impressions and, more importantly, leads and sales came from. The data can help cherry pick the highest performing ads to dedicate more budget to, increasing ROI further.

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