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User Generated Content

Likeable. Swipeable. Inviteable.

Forget expensive, over-produced video shoots and say hello to User Generated Content.

UGC offers a more authentic, engaging and cost-effective approach to creating video content for your brand or products.

Better yet? UGC is built for platforms like TikTok, YouTube and Instagram, allowing you to put your amazing, fun, educational, creative and inspiring videos right in front of your audiences.

What are you waiting for? Take your video ads to the next level today!

We create authentic content for businesses ready to build their brand and more deeply connect with their customers.

What is User
Generated Content?

Seen your friend’s Instagram post about a product they love, or an unboxing video on YouTube?

That’s User Generated Content.

UGC is an incredibly powerful tool, allowing brands to build more authentic connections with their customers across their digital, social and website channels.

From product testimonials, to unboxing videos, to honest reviews, we offer a range of UGC options for any brand, to be used on any platform.

If you’re ready to better connect with your customers, let’s chat.

Authentic. Fast. Powerful.

People crave authenticity. That’s where UGC comes in.

By choosing content creators that look and sound like your customers, you’re better able to connect with them on a personal level – rather than being a faceless brand trying to sell a product or service.

The best part? Without the need to plan, organise, shoot and edit high quality photos and videos, you get great content, for a fraction of the cost, delivered much faster.

That’s a win, win, win.

Build a Community.

With authentic content, you’re not just building a brand – you’re building a community.

In a post-COVID world, customers are craving community, togetherness and connectivity more than ever before, and user generated content allows brands to showcase how much they not only understand their customers – but represent them as well.

If you’re ready to invest in your brand’s community, get in touch with us today.

Time To Get Reels

Already have video

If you’ve already got video footage, we can repurpose this content into vertical videos for you.

Our Reels package offers post-production work on your existing video assets to turn these into enticing video content, which can be used across multiple ad platforms at scale.

We’ll even provide you with guidance for future video creation, so you can still work with your existing content creators to get the best acting performance for the best ad performance.

Made for sharing.

Authentic content. Powerful

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