Aspen’s online visibility had slipped dramatically due to a new website relaunch, which ultimately affected it’s direct revenue from bookings online. Glide Agency was brought in to resolve the key issues quickly and effectively by fixing all analytics and tracking problems and identifying the areas that were causing the dramatic dip in traffic and bookings.

Customer behaviour, data and experience are at the heart of travel and the accommodation booking industry. From the data, we were able to make key decisions to lift the Aspen brand to not only generate revenue but over time grow the number of online bookings.

Within a 12 month period, Glide was able to increase Aspens online booking revenue by 160% across all 23-holiday parks nationally. There was also a 600% increase in email subscribers. The overall result was to increase conversion rate data which was accomplished.

Glide was able to apply the insights to establish a robust site architecture and content strategy. This helped grow the business, customer engagement and direct growth in revenue.


Digital Partner, Strategy & Transformation


Aspen Group (Aspen Parks)

What We Did

High Level Analytics Fixes, Improved Customer Engagement, Increase Conversion Rate, Online Bookings & Marketing Automation 

A proactive response leads to rapid results 

50% Increase in Conversion Rate

Within a 6 month period, Glide was able to grow Aspen’s direct online bookings by 120%. The holiday park brand not only grew back its online authority but attained and grew further market share away from competitors. With a 95% increase in ad click through rates, and 400% return on investment for ad spend.

Stats don’t lie, data does the talking

160% Increase in Revenue

“Glide are true digital partners. They really took the business on as if it was theirs, providing the expertise and strategy to grow the Aspen brand considerably online. We have even grown in market share despite the sale of some major assets like Monkey Mia and Ningaloo Reef Resorts, which was incredible, especially within the short period of time. We also had several highly complex e-commerce analytics issues in regards to our site which dragged on for several years. Unfortunately none of the agencies we had worked with could solve the problems. Glide not only got all our systems talking to each other but they were able to provide accurate ROI data on all our ad spend. This allowed us to make the right calls in regards to future budget allocations. Glide have and strength and tenacity for digital marketing and I would thoroughly recommend them to any organisation that is looking to grow their business online.” – Jeannine Rheinberger, National Sales and Marketing Manager, Aspen Group