Tokyo bound, we were delighted when we discovered Gulliver (now known as IDOM) was purchasing a 70% ownership of the DVG dealership to mount their footing in the Australian market. We knew the business and the industry required a strong backer, and to challenge the norms of where the WA automotive marketing was, and where it needed to head towards with the help of analytics.

To give you the background, IDOM is a Tokyo stock exchange listed company that operates 420 car outlets throughout Japan, as well as international dealerships in Auckland, New Zealand and in Bangkok, Thailand – so they were essentially bringing a great deal of wealth of knowledge, people and resources to the table.

At the time we were looking after DVGs Organic Search and had started work on a much broader SEO plan. The timing was perfect as our plan was catered towards an extensive offering which could promote the various franchises online which included Honda, Hyundai, Toyota, Holden, Volkswagen, Kia, Chrysler, Jeep, Peugeot, Suzuki and Alfa Romeo.

We were very excited to be working closely with the 8th largest private company in Western Australia with 24 dealerships and 800 staff and various well known brands, Glide was able to provide a detailed digital service offering.


Digital Partner


DVG Automotive Group

What We Did

Lead Generation, Conversion Optimisation, Analytics, Reporting

A tailored digital strategy

700% increase in website conversion rate

We have now formed a team within and in partnership with IDOM & Google Japan which includes a range of high level specialists in data analysts, marketing managers, production, communications, media, reporting. Our campaign managers work closely with data analysts and continuously improve the performance of our campaigns.

Optimised digital investment

460% reduction in cost per lead

Initially our analysis revealed that online search queries are growing 20% YoY in the Automotive Industry within Australia. Our focus was to work closely with DVG to develop a sound digital strategy and plan for ongoing investment to ensure the brand and its structure remained relevant in the shift towards the fast growing online market.