Over a campaign calander of 12 months Glide carried out a series of digital campaigns for Hyundai across Western Australia. Hyundai Seize the Deal, Hyundai 1% Finance, Hyundai Tuscon 30 Year Anniversary, 10 Years Hyundai Warranty.

Glide was responsible for campaign setup, budget strategy, digital campaign production, campaign landing pages, and conversion tracking strategies.

Responsive-driven development leads to rapid results 

Over 17 Million Impressions, 39,000 clicks,  0.4% Display Banner CTR, 125 direct conversions

Campaign CTR on average performed at 0.4%. With conversion rates reaching up to 0.7% for Display Advertising. Commonly Display is used as a brand awareness strategy to lift impressions to a wider audience, Glide was able to generate true lead conversions from Display campaigns with tight marketing funnels that lead to consumer buyding decisions, test drive bookings, and general enquiries about the various Hyundai Deals.